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Independence Day Projects

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Stars and Stripes Hat
Glue stars onto a strip of blue construction paper and staple to the size of child's head. Staple or glue strips of red and white across the top. Children can glue stars to these strips as well.

A variation of this is to use a star sponge to stamp white stars on the blue strip instead of gluing the stars on.(See below)

Streamer Wand
Staple a few red, white, and blue strips of crepe paper onto the spoon part of a long Slurpee straw. These don't last long but the kids will really have a blast with them.
Put on some patriotic music and have a parade.

Color the United States Flag
Email me if you want the flag coloring sheet. I'd be happy to send it to you. Post them on the wall next to your classroom flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance!

Flag Wind Sock
Sponge paint white stars on blue construction paper and let dry. Staple together into a tube. Glue strips of red and white crepe paper to the inside of one end.

Flag Mini Wind Sock
Paint a TP tube blue and let dry. Glue white stars all over. Glue strips of red and white crepe paper to the inside of one end.

Star Studded Statue
This is from the July 2008 Mailbox Magazine. Sponge paint blue and red stars to the template. Paint the torch with gold glitter. Add the child's picture and talk about what the Statue of Liberty stands for.

Flag and Stars Sponge Painting
I made these sponge cutouts on an Ellison Cutter at my local Teacher Resource Center to use for our patriotic wall display this year.

Red White & Blue Stars
Cut out red, white, and blue stars in small, medium, and large sizes. Glue together and add yarn or string to hang. Make a bunch and decorate your home or classroom!

Handprint Flag
Use blue construction paper. Paint a dark blue rectangle on half of the palm opposite the thumb. Starting with the pinkie paint a red stripe and then a white strip on the next finger, red on the next finger and palm, then white, then red on the thumb. When dry paint on white stars with a toothpick dipped in paint.

I am Proud to be and American Because.....
Talk about the many freedoms, opportunities, and benefits of living in our great country. Introduce simple concepts of freedom, liberty, democracy,diversity, tolerance, etc. Afterwards, give each child a sheet of paper and ask the children to draw a picture of why they are proud to be an American.

Construction Paper Flag
Give children construction paper, one piece of white, strips of red, blue square, and paper punch stars. Show children a real flag and help them glue their precut pieces in the correct places. Talk about what our flag represents, why we show respect for it, and about why we celebrate Independence Day.

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