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Halloween Crafts & Activities

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Handprint Spider and Ghost
Use a full sheet of orange paper. Paint one silver (or white)upside down handprint for a ghost. When dry add two black eyes and mouth with a marker (we used eye stickers). Make two black handprints palm to palm (no thumbs)to make a spider. When the spider is dry paint on two white dots for eyes and when that is dry make two black dots with marker inside the white dots for eyeballs. Make a black line up to the top of the paper form a web coming down from the spider. Write “Trick or Treat!” This also is great to paint the spiders individually and laminate or use fun foam. Cut out and hang from a string.

Bat Hat
Glue wings onto two strips of back construction paper and staple to the size of child's head.
Children can some glue eyes to the front as well.

Paint a paper plate all black.
Cut 8 strips of black construction paper
Fold the legs accordian style. Younger children fold randomly and that looks great too. Glue to the back of the plate and add wiggle eyes. Hang from a black string. A splotch of red makes it look like a black widow but we used a sponge painted letter "S" for Spider

C is for Cat
Email me for pattern. I traced the cat and tail pattern with a white crayon for the children to cut out and make this cute halloween cat.

Bat Puppet
From Mailbox Magazine. Email me for pattern. These are best laminated for durability.

Baby Food Jar Pumpkin candle holder
Collect one baby food jar, one votive, back & orange tissue paper, glue and paint brush for each child. Soak labels off of jars. Let the jars dry. Let each child cut tissue paper pieces and glue onto the jar with paint brush...Much like a decoupage. They can make mosaics or even a jack-o-lantern. With permanent marker add child's name and date to the bottom of the jar. Add a votive. When they get home they have a wonderful, keepsake to use year after year.

"Ss" is for Spider Hat

Staple two strips of black construction paper together to make a hat band. Give children 8 narrow strips 8 inch long to fold accordion style. My younger children just crumpled them for a crinkle look and it works just as well. Staple four of the strips to one side of the headband and four strips to the other. Optional - add some eyes.

Marble Painted Ghosts
Marble paint with white on black ghost shapes. When dry add eyes and mouth.

Candy Corn Man
Trace orange triange shapes for children to cut. Add a yellow section on the bottom and a white tip on top to resemble a piece of candy corn. (looks like we were out of yellow when we made these last year and we improvised) Draw on a face and add arms and legs.

Paper Plate Pumpkin
Paint a paper plate orange. When dry add a Jack 0 Lantern face and a stem on top.

Sometimes we make our pumpkins with a cut out shape instead of a paper plate.

Paper Plate Witch
Paint a paper plate green. Trace and cut childs hands on orange construction paper. Glue to the plate for the witch hair. Add a black witch hat. Draw on a face.

What's Inside a Pumpkin?
Cut open a pumpkin and give children the opportunity to explore what is inside. Trace a pumpkin shape on a folded sheet of orange construction paper. Children will glue orange yarn strips and real pumpkin seeds to the inside of their folded pumpkin.

Shape Witch

Group Time Activity

Pumpkin Count Down

Pumpkin Count Down

Five little pumpkins sitting by the door
(Child's name) picked one, and that left four.
Four little pumpkins, orange as they can be.
(Child's name) picked one and that left three.
Three little pumpkins,one said boo
(Child’s name) picked that one, and that left two
Two little pumpkins nodding in the sun,
(Child's name) picked one, and that left one.
One little pumpkin, for Halloween fun.
(Child's name) picked it, and that left none.

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