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Letter "Ss" Recognition Craft Projects & Activities

We spend one week reinforcing each letter with crafts and activities.
Schedule of Activities

"Ss" is for Spider Hat

Staple two strips of black construction paper together to make a hat band. Give children 8 narrow strips 8 inch long to fold accordion style. My younger children just crumpled them for a crinkle look and it works just as well. Staple four of the strips to one side of the headband and four strips to the other. Optional - add some eyes.

"Ss" is for Spider

Paint a paper plate all black. Cut 8 strips of black construction paper Fold the legs accordian style. Younger children fold randomly and that looks great too. Glue to the back of the plate and add wiggle eyes. Hang from a black string. We used a sponge painted letter "S" but you could make an hourglass red shape and write the letter S on it to glue to the spider's back.
"Ss" is for Snake

Paint a paper plate all green. When dry draw a spiral and help the children cut on the line. Add eyes and tongue and hang from the ceiling.

Handprint Spider

Make two black handprints palm to palm (no thumbs)to make a spider. When the spider is dry paint on two white dots for eyes and when that is dry make two black dots with marker inside the white dots for eyeballs. We stamped ours with a letter S on the back. Laminate and hang from a string. These are great on fun foam as well.
Alphabet Collage Books

During the school year we will make a page for every letter, number, shape, and color we are learning. Each week children will put their new collage pages into a binder kept at home. Parents are encouraged to use the binder to review the pages with their child regularly. At the end of the year the children will have a nice memento of their preschool year as well a a complete alphabet, number, color, and shape book.
"Ss" is for Spider Collage


Print the letter template here:
First-School Letter S

make black fingerprints all over the page.

When dry use a small tip marker to turn them into these cute little spiders.
Collage Ideas for Letter S


Letter S Sponge Painting
Invest in some Alphabet and misc. sponges for crafts like this, available from school supply stores. You can sometimes find them at hobby stores, $1 store, or Walmart. We use ours to make a page like this for every letter we are learning from September through May. Parents are encouraged to take them home and post them where the child can see and practice every day. When we finish the entire alphabet they can make them into a book or put them into a binder (You will need to cut down the construction paper if you want to put them into a binder.

Group Time Activity

Sandy Pictures

Provide small groups of children with several different colors of sand and large sheets of drawing paper. Tell them they are going to make pictures with sand. Have children repeat the word sand with you several times, elongating the s sound. Direct them to decorate their papers by writing capital s and lowercase s several times with pencil, and then carefully trace over the letters with white glue. Tell them to be careful not to squeeze the glue bottles too hard. (You may want to have children dip toothpicks in glue insead of using glue bottles). Then help them sprinkle sand over the glue and let dry. When the glue is dry, shake off the excess sand to see the colorful designs!

Sink or Float
What sinks and what floats? Fill a sink or small tub with only a few inches of water. (Do not leave children unattended as even an inch of water can be dangerous or at least make a mess.) Collect different objects from around the house and place them one at a time into the water. What sinks and what floats? Why do you think that this happened? You may want to draw a picture of each object, next to it write the name of the object, and if it sinks or floats. Then give children a piece of paper with a line down the center. On one side write "sinks" and on the other write "floats." Have them draw pictures of what sinks and what floats.

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