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Teddy Bear Theme & Craft Projects

Teddy Bear Invitations

Each child made their own invitation to take home and give to their bear. (Teachers - make sure to have a few extra bears on hand for loaners in case any children forget to bring them)

Teddy Tracing

Help each child trace thier bear and then let them color in the details. Since the bears will be visiting all week this is a good time to ask the child what thier bear's name is and write it on the drawing. Be sure to call the bears by their proper name's throughout the week.

Teddy Cakes
Make Teddy Bear pancakes for breakfast or snack.

Teddy Dancing
Play and dance to whatever teddy or bear songs you have.

Teddy Bear Picnic
Read the book "Teddy Bear's Picnic" By Jimmy Kennedy and take the bears outside to sit on a blanket and eat teddy grahams.

There are a few cute videos on youtube if you dont have the book (see youtube video links below). Other ideas for snacks, Gummy Bears or bear sugar cookies (we found some Winnie the Pooh cookies).

Teddy Tossing

Give each bear a good toss on a parachute or big blanket. Do some bear math adding and subtracting bears as you add them and take them off.

Fun Bear Books to Read

Fun Bear Videos to Watch

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